Even before taking over the company in 2000, we were sure that biodynamic farming would accompany us on our path. After we came into contact with biodynamic pioneers from Alsace for the first time at the end of the 1990s, we got enthusiastic about “The Agriculture of the Future”.

Since the year 2000, the vineyards have been gradually converted to bio-dynamic cultivation, from the 2009 vintage the winery has been awarded the Demeter certificate. Not only the aspect of environmental protection, but also the promotion of living soils and the search for authentic wines with the least possible use of additives and auxiliary materials were and are part of this philosophy. After all, “terroir” is always used in the world of wine. Like no other agricultural product, wine reflects the soil, climate and human influence.

The use of biodynamic preparations (Link) is a method to strengthen the vitality and resistance of the vine culture. Contrary to today’s usual “symptom control”, we Demeter winegrowers strive to bring our vines into balance and thus to make them more resistant to fungal diseases and animal pests. In addition to biological plant protection, planetary constellations, the biodynamic spray preparations (horn manure and horn pebbles), herbal teas and extracts, compost and compost preparations, are our tools.

In the sense of the circular economy, an important aspect in biodynamics, some animals also live on our farm. Two Noriker horses plow part of our vineyards and the vegetable crops for our health food store. Thirty chickens, kept in mobile stalls in the middle of the vines, deliver the eggs. A small flock of sheep grazes our embankments.