About us

Nikolaus Moser


In 2000, I took over the winery from my father Sepp and, following a sort of calling and passion, together with my wife Andrea, converted the vineyards to biodynamic cultivation. I love to work in the vineyard, but I am also the one who sets the course in the cellar. In addition, it is always a pleasure for me to be in lively communication with wine-loving people.

Andrea Moser

Personnel, accounting, orders


For me, the threads run together in the family. In addition to my job as Mother and Grandmother, I look after guests at our winery and also take care of accounting and logistic matters. They say I'm an excellent taster, so I often tip the scales when it comes to important operational or oenological decisions.

Kathie Moser

Export, Marketing


Born in 1993, after studying "International Wine Business" and doing various internships at home and abroad, I definitely arrived at my parents' company. Together with my father, I take care of the public image and sales. The export processing is in my hands, but I also like to lend a hand in the cellar. I am particularly interested in the minimalist oenological approach

Mariana (Nana) Moser

Administration, Organic Store


After an apprenticeship in gastronomy and my first work experience with the family at the winery, I completed the wine management course at the viticulture school in Krems. My talent and area of activity are organizational. I am a calming influence in the midst of the vibrant Moser troupe. In addition to my daughter Leni, the organic store (Querlink organic store) opened in May 2020 in the Atrium House and is my current focus of responsibility.